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Welcome to the CODEX website - rules and guidelines for research

This website's aim is to give researchers and other interested parties access to and information on the guidelines, ethics codes and laws that regulate and place ethical demands on the research process. One can search for a specific document or ones originating from a certain author ("Rules and guidelines"). Short introductions to issues in research ethics create a certain coherence and help those looking for a quick overview ("About research ethics"). There are weekly news updates from the world of research ethics.

CODEX addresses first and foremost those who are actively involved in research, but also the interested public. Thus, no special previous knowledge is needed to understand the website's contents. We graciously accept corrections and suggestions for additions - and please tell us when finding broken links.

Research ethics news from media

CEPN hiding behind the Data inspection board?
This is claimed in an opinion piece after a controversial decision made by the Swedish Central Ethical Review Board (Dagens Medicin). Read more »

US regulations for dual-use research
The Obama administration on Wednesday issued new guidelines intended to strengthen the oversight of federally funded biology research that could inadvertently produce bioweapons (New York Times). Read more »

Concerns over FDA's draft consent guidance
The US FDA was flooded with comments on its draft guidance seeking to amend the informed consent process – some saying guidance will further confuse patients while others took issue with ommissions (Outsourcing Pharma). Read more »

Update: More discussion of detail

Greater demands on clinical research
The quality of research will have a greater effect on how much funding the state will provide. This is the result of the new ALF deal between the state and the county councils (The Government). Read more »

State centre for RCT's in Gothenburg
A state centre for clinical trials and other clinical research will be created in Göteborg. It will have 50 millions a year to strenghten cooperation between health care, industry and academy (The Government). Read more »

Human DNA belongs to no one
Following contrasting rulings on the patentability of genes issued in US and Australia, Luigi Palombi explores the historical background to this area of jurisprudence (The Guardian) Read more »

Bioethics Film Festival Edinburgh
Are human embryos just piles of cells or persons like us? But what is a person anyway? These are some of the questions which film-goers will be invited to explore and debate at the 10th International Biomedical Ethics Film Festival in November in Edinburgh (BioEdge). Read more »

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Last updated: 2014-10-11
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