rules and guidelines for research

Welcome to the CODEX website!

This is the new home for CODEX at Uppsala university from January 4th 2021. 

This website's aim is to give students and employees an introduction to guidelines, ethics codes and laws that regulate and place ethical demands on the research process. Short introductions to issues in research ethics and news related to research ethics are presented. 

CODEX addresses first and foremost students and researchers, but also the interested public. Thus, no special previous knowledge is needed to understand the website's contents. We graciously accept corrections and suggestions for additions - and please tell us when finding broken links.

Most wanted
  • The Act concerning the Ethical Review of Research Involving Humans - SFS 2003:460
  • Act on responsibility for good research practice and the examination of research misconduct - SFS 2019:504
  • Declaration of Helsinki - Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects (WMA)
Last modified: 2021-05-25